Body of Building – Norma Jeane

Teaser of ‘Body of Building’, Norma Jeane, 2020;
Courtesy of the artist; T293 Gallery; Fondazione La Quadriennale di Roma;
Film by: Domenico Catano

Body of Building Teaser #01

Body of Building Teaser #02

During the Quadriennale 2020, as soon as the exhibition closes its doors, the building gains life. The Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome is kept breathing by ‘Body of Building’, Norma Jeane’s artwork specially conceived for the Roman event.

The lighting system, a pulsation that lights up the hall entrance of the building, is linked to Norma Jeane’s own breath, through an innovative remote monitoring tool developed by researchers at the Politecnico di Milano.

For the time being, due to the closure of all museums in Italy in compliance to the new anti-Covid 19 measures, ‘Body of Building’ remains the only artwork – connected to an institution or museum – still visitable, in Rome and in the whole country, attributing the project a deeper level of significance, considering its symbolism in the midst of our troubled present.

From tonight, November the 17th, the work will be activated everyday (except on Mondays) around 6pm, when the city becomes empty, as the curfew in Rome begins at 10pm, and will keep running all night long until 8am. ‘Body of Building’, will continue to breath, even in a silent and empty city.