Lifting the Green Screen

Official Selection – Global Peace Film Festival 2020, Winter Park, Florida USA
Best Feature Documentary – Mimesis Documentary Festival 2020 Audience Award, Boulder, Colorado USA
Official Selection – FIDBA, International Documentary Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lifting the Green Screen – Trailer

Concurrent with the growing sense of alarm regarding environmental degradation, climate change, and species loss, Costa Rica has been increasing its status as a leader in ecotourism, a “greening” nation of remarkable biodiversity, and a country that centralizes its environmental politics in influential ways. Our documentary, Lifting the Green Screen (Tras el Velo Verde), follows Costa Rican environmentalists, burgeoning campesino-led ecotourism initiatives, and socio-environmental conflicts in the rural and biodiversity-rich Osa Peninsula. Instead of focusing only on gold miners operating within park boundaries or extolling the unique biodiversity of the region and its “protectors,” this film more broadly covers the debates over environmentalism in practice and local responses to land controls. It explores practices at the interaction of protecting subsistence, biodiversity conservation, and ventures afforded by the growing tourism dominated economy.

A Curbside View Production 
DIRECTED By Claudia Giannetto 
WRITTEN By Clate Korsant, Claudia Giannetto, and Matteo Saltalippi
PRODUCED By Clate Korsant
CO-PRODUCER Matteo Saltalippi 
EDITOR Andrea Giannone
CINEMATOGRAPHERS Andrea Giannone and Domenico Catano 
COLORIST Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola
SOUND DESIGNER Nicola Frattegiani